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Seijiro Muruyama concentrates during a performance with Diego Chamy

Why improvised music is so boring

Why improvised music is so boring

An improvisation that may or may not involve (typical) improvisation.


What we wrote about it at the time: Who: Diego has a “No CV policy – as a way of avoiding people judging or knowing others for the things that are written about them”, which in a round about way let’s you know a lot about him. Jean-Luc is one of our favourite European musicians, whether playing ‘terror jazz’, electronic compositions, sax or making field recordings. In our experience, Seijiro is a careful thinker, super technical but restrained percussionist and admirably expansive polyglot.

What: An improvisation from three hardened musicians: may not involve (typical) improvisation.

Why: It’s fair to say: Diego is really pushing things. His music (if it is music) is moving in what feels like totally non-musical directions, but it’s still somehow a musical investigation, an investigation of things bigger than music itself10. Which is also to say: (we think) he’s really concerned with making an addition each time he does something11. Or, if you like: just check out YouTube for some pretty amazing clips of Diego, hairdryers, massive plastic bags, ripping off of clothes, dancing, singing, dull everyday movements, puzzlement (but who’s?)… 10If that doesn’t sound too circular. 11We couldn’t care less about ‘newness’, but don’t you think adding something to what is already there – that’s different, useful.


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