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Seijiro Murayama

Seijiro Muruyama on Discogs Short Bio
Seijiro Murayama concentrating at INSTAL 10

Artist Events

A man in a blue jacket seems to listen intently whilst wearing large headphones
14 November 2010

House – “The Tipping Point”

Aileen Campbell Eric La Casa Gaël Leveugle Jean-Luc Guionnet Neil Davidson Seijiro Murayama

Listening to people listening to their own homes. Musicians and actors will listen back to recordings made in local peoples homes on headphones, and interpret/ translate what they are hearing.

Seijiro Muruyama concentrates during a performance with Diego Chamy
12 November 2010

Why improvised music is so boring

Diego Chamy Jean-Luc Guionnet Seijiro Murayama

An improvisation that may or may not involve (typical) improvisation.

14 May 2010

Used Sound

Jean-Luc Guionnet Ray Brassier Seijiro Murayama

A full-blooded, emotional attempt to reinvigorate improvisation from a musically inclined philosopher and two philosophically inclined improvisers.

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