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Arika have been creating events since 2001. The Archive is space to share the documentation of our work, over 600 events from the past 20 years. Browse the archive by event, artists and collections, explore using theme pairs, or use the index for a comprehensive overview.

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35 Results for Rehearsing | Practicing

Is it finished yet? Do we need to do that again? Work featured here is about onging practices of diverse kinds and forms. Some highlights that might help you to get into this theme could be the dance/conversation event with Miss Prissy, Pony Zion Garcon, Kia Labeija and Danielle Goldman and the Ueinzz Theatre Company’s No Ready Made Men which expresses an ongoing theatrical rehearsal as a way of caring for each other.

21 June 2023

Open Stage/ Screen/ Mic

Our Zooms are unmuted, our mics are open, and our hearts and bodyminds are receptive. We give the floor online and in person to you…

I wanna be with you everywhere 2023
A group of people on a stage, they move quickly. One has their hands in the air
22 October 2016

[b]reach: The Fugitive Chronicles – an open rehearsal

Gallery of the Streets Glasgow Open Dance School Kai Lumumba Barrow

The ongoing development of [b]reach, an abolitionist black queer retelling of Marge Piercy’s incredible feminist utopian novel Woman on the Edge of Time.

Episode 8: Refuse Powers’ Grasp
28 May 2015
Artists Space Books & Talks

No Total

Amalle Dublon Arias Abbruzzi Davis Constantina Zavitsanos Emma Hedditch Jordan Lord Morgan Bassichis

Three days of discussions, performances, actions, dancing and food – continuing No Total’s ongoing contemplation of ways of being together and the ways Arika have been entangled in those, ever since Episode 4.

19 April 2015

No Ready Made Men – Performance


A performance of Ueinzz’s new play. Each Ueinzz performance is a process of reinvention, between exhaustion and a fleeting vision: singular, collective, anonymous, plural, suspensive, intensive, unworking life.

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
A performer with a small parrot on his finger, props on the floor
18 April 2015

No Ready Made Men – Open Rehearsal


Inhabiting a different kind of energy, Ueinzz’s open rehearsals reveal a glimpse into their ongoing daily theatrical modes of caring – multiplying the ways in which their plays are meant to be felt, rather than understood.

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
17 April 2015

Ueinzz Context


An open conversation around the history and practices of the Ueinzz Theatre Company – a radical Brazilian schizoscenic theatre company of carers, so-called psychotic patients and philosophers.

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
17 April 2015

Ueinzz Crossings


An open collaborative workshop space in which games, warm-up sessions, exercises and scenes are potentially the same thing, through which to project your own concerns onto the stage.

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
Make A Way Out of No Way Poster Graphic
26 – 28 September 2014
Tramway Stereo

Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way

A 3-day exploration – through performance, screenings and discussion – of the art and politics of wayward communities who refuse to be bound by the fictions of race and sex.

Three women pose in front of a home made banner "Get the Body of a God"
28 September 2014

Dance Workshop

Glasgow Open Dance School Miss Prissy

A movement-based workshop on Krump and the politics of how we teach, learn and listen with our bodies. Move with us!

Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way
A gloomy corridor
27 September 2014

Fugitivity and Waywardness

Fred Moten Saidiya Hartman

An open conversation hosted by Saidiya Hartman and Fred Moten around ‘fugitivity’ and ‘waywardness’ and what it means to be in flight, excessive or ungovernable.

Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way
Pony Zion in a red shirt and cap tenses their hands and arms in a gesture
27 September 2014

You’ve Never Seen Pain Expressed Like This

Danielle Goldman Kia Labeija Miss Prissy Pony Zion

A freestyle performed conversation for bodies and voices – with the Queen of Krump, the master of Vogue Femme Dramatics and the rising star of Vogue Women’s Performance.

Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way
Daniel Carter plays a saxophone and William Parker plays a bamboo flute
20 April 2013

Daniel Carter & William Parker

Daniel Carter William Parker

What might Carter and Parker’s collaboration tell us about our own performances of responsibility and liberty, whether individual, social or musical?

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle