A bit of an update on the projects, events and collaborations we are working on and towards at the moment...

Decriminalised Futures

Decriminalised Futures, a four-year movement building project using artwork and popular education that speaks to a multiplicity of sex worker experiences

Solidarity Statements

The following, evolving statements set out some principles that structure our commitment to different groups and communities, and inform some of the ways we collaborate together.


A key part of our programming, Episodes explore the interlinked nature of aesthetics and social organising, through public events, investigating interlinked themes and contradictions, which develop from one Episode to the next.

Local Organising

Arika works on projects locally with grass roots groups all year round. Local Organising, as we call it, is a manifestation of our desire to support radical social change. Read to find out more...

Arika | Archive

A space to share the documentation of our work, over 1,000 events from the past 18 years. An extensive archive of video and audio recordings of experimental music, art, talks, films and performances.