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A black and while still of a photograph of a man melting on a stove

Out of Sight Out of Synch

Out of Sight Out of Synch

Sound and image slipping out of synch and into discord, the programme includes (in London at least) a very special version of Hollis Frampton’s masterful (nostalgia) with a live narration by Michael Snow.

This programme moves from films in which sound and image are thought of together, synchronised, (that is sound and image related in the way we know them to be, experientially), through a slight slipping of that relationship (in John Smith’smasterful and much loved The Girl Chewing Gum) and ending with a complete disjunction: we’re seeing something, but hearing something else; they all in some way progress towards an 80 year-old idea of the sound image relationship, which is as relevant today as it was then.

In a 1928 essay Sergei Eisenstein set out a number of theories for radical montage, including a theory of vertical montage, of jarring sound and image events placed on top of each other, synchronously in order to create a kind of filmic chord, of multiple meanings played together.

Hollis Frampton’s (nostalgia) is sets up exactly this situation, in which you the viewer are thrown into three temporal spaces at once: recalling what was said 2 minutes ago, relating it to what is now seen, imagining what will be seen in the immediate future. It’s a sophisticated yet simple example of how what is heard and what is seen can be contrasted to create a chord, a third temporal/ mental space, a synthesis of both sound and image.

For the screening of (nostalgia) in London, we’re lucky enough to be able to present the piece with a live narration by Michael Snow, who provided the original narration in 1971, and so root the film even more directly in the past, the here and now, and the immediate future. A one off interpretation of one of the 20th century’s masterpieces of experimental film: don’t go and miss it now.

30 Sound Situations, Dir. Ryszard Wasko, 10 mins, 16mm

Exit Right, Dir. Chris Garrett, 5 mins, 16mm

Synch Sound, Dir. Takahiko Iimura, 12 mins 16mm

The Girl Chewing Gum, Dir. John Smith, 12 mins, 16mm

(nostalgia), Dir. Hollis Frampton, 36 mins, 16mm

Below are online links which you can use for reference. To see the films in their original glory, check with the distributor of the film for their terms and conditions.


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