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A flyer that says NYC Rumble Ball 66 The Road to Master. In black and red.

The Road to Mastery Rumble Ball

The Road to Mastery Rumble Ball

This mini, late-night ball hosted by Jack Mizrahi included categories inspired by the events earlier in the weekend, responding to the community and aesthetic histories of the 1990’s and the accomplishments of the Masters and Icons featured and honoured in the earlier events.

Ballroom Throwbacks, who dilegently and consistently lift up their community by documenting all the balls and functions, filmed the Rumble Ball. A few of the videos are the below and the full documentation of the event can be seen in this playlist. Some more context about the event is online in the Facebook Event Page.


The Categories of the Ball were:

Basic Knowledge: Entry Level Skills, Can State A Rule Or Concept From Memory

Ota Beginner’s Runway Never Walked Vs. Never Won In All Black.

Ota Beginner’s Vogue Fem Never Walked Vs. Never Won In All White.

Ota Beginner’s Realness With A Twist 10s For Realness, Battles For Twist.

Ota Hot Wear Footwear Style Is A Must, Creativity Is A Plus.

Basic Understanding: Supplemental, Can Use Knowledge In Guided Practice

Bq Schoolboy Realness In A School Uniform, No Earrings, No Gum, And Dont Forget Your Props

Bq Prettyboy Realness Button-Down, Jeans, Timbs, And A Fitted

Bq Thug Realness Dickies, A Hoody, And A Fitted

Bq Bqid Realness In A Schoolgirl Effect (Private School Vs Public School 2 Trophies)

Fq Realness The Businesswoman

Fq Legendary Realness: The Housewives Of The Ballroom Cities (At A Dinner Party)

Bq Legendary Realness: Retro Realness Bring A Look From Way Back In The Days..

Applied Understanding: Integration, Knowledge Is Useful In Assisting Learner In Experiential Tasks

Ota Best Dressed Spectator Classic And Chic, And You Must Wear The Garments You Wore To The Ball. 2 Trophies 1 Cash Ff Vs Male Figure

Butch Queen Vogue Fem In A Creative Catsuit, Wearing The Name Of The Performance Master Who You Admire Most Somewhere On Your Effect

Bq Realness With A Twist You Must Get 10s In Your Respective Realness Category, And Twist In Your Realness Look!

Women’s Perfect Tens; Face, Body And Sex Appeal

Bq Face: Well Dressed And Ready To Sell It

Real World Discovery: Competent, Categories Of Knowledge Assist The Learner In Discovering New Concepts Through Experiences.

Female Figure Performance With An Understudy In A Jean, A Tank Top, And A Boot/Heel Who Can Stop This Duo?

Bq Sex Siren With An Understudy In Matching Attire Selling Sex As Team But For The Battle The Understudy Must Complete The Mission.

Transman Realness With A Butch Understudy In Complementing Blue Collar Workers Uniforms.

Global Integration: Innovation, Understanding Multiple Systems (Classifications Of Knowledge), The Learner Can Synthesize And/Or Evaluate Intersystem Concepts And/Or Create New Products Or Processes. A Guru Is An Acknowledged Leader, Teacher, And Guide With Knowledge And Expertise From The Fundamental Level Of Basic Knowledge Through The Innovative Level Of Mastery.

Team Runway: The Ultimate Collection
Team Trebre Blahnik Vs Team Maurice Balenciaga Vs Team Jamane Mizrahi Vs Team Corey Chanel Vs Team Alliyah Garcon

Using One Bq European Tall Runway, One European Big Boy Runway, One All-American Runway, And One Female-Figure Runway, And A Mystery Runway Redeemer.

• Present A Cohesive Collection Of Looks For Your Productions.

• The Theme/Concept Of The Collection Is Solely Up To You, But Remember Creativity Is A Must. Teams Will Battle In Traditional Rumble Style Tradition, By Draw Of The Hat.

• The Winning Redeemer Will Bring Back Their Member And The Other Teams Redeemer And That Member Is Eliminated.

• No More Than Two People From The Same House Can Be On Any One Team.

• House Members On Opposite Teams Will Battle If Draw Determines.


1 image, 3 videos
A flyer that says NYC Rumble Ball 66 The Road to Master. In black and red.
A flyer that says NYC Rumble Ball 66 The Road to Master. In black and red.