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Burkhard Stangl silhouetted against a projection of an eye
19 October 2003

Phonographics, Live

Burkhard Stangl Fennesz Gustav Deutsch Martin Siewert Werner Dafeldecker

A live installation of the ‘Film Ist’: projected on 4 huge screens and an improvised soundtrack from 4 figureheads of the Austrian experimental music scene.

Kill Your Timid Notion 03
Shards of light on a black background from Sound Cuts projection
12 October 2008

Optical Sound Film Talk

Guy Sherwin

Guy Sherwin gives a kind of annotated, chat through his optical sound films

Kill Your Timid Notion 08
Projection of an orange rectangle along with shards of light
11 October 2008

Sound Cuts

Guy Sherwin

Noise music for the eyes. A 6 screen 16mm projection performance of intense audio and visual stimulus.

Kill Your Timid Notion 08
Projected images of black and white textures and green forms on a screen
11 October 2008

Charles Curtis & Raha Raissnia

Charles Curtis Raha Raissnia

A beautifully crisp, slowly evolving duo for cello and projected images. Abstract but still figurative; change only noticeable after the fact.

Kill Your Timid Notion 08
6 May 2012
Whitney Museum of American Art

Dr. Mabuse dispassionately recites communist theory over found footage of riots

Evan Calder Williams

A bodiless treatise on narration, bored speakers, audience misbehaviour and police megaphones, but: is anybody listening?

A survey is a process of listening
Turquoise and Brown text reads Kill Your Timid Notion
17 – 19 October 2003

Kill Your Timid Notion 03

Taking over the gallery spaces at Dundee Contemporary Arts, the first Kill Your Timid Notion presented a 3 day programme of live immersive experiences and specially curated film programmes.

Kill Your Timid Notion 04 brochure cover
10 – 12 December 2004

Kill Your Timid Notion 04

A celebration of risk taking and adventure from some of the boldest pioneers of the past 40 years, melding avant garde and underground forms of music and moving image to create new experiments and experiences in sight and sound.

silver and brown design like 16mm film strips with text - Kill Your Timid Notion
9 October – 29 November 2008

Kill Your Timid Notion 08

Bringing together artists working with music, sound, film and the moving image, KYTN 2008 saw performances, improvisations, screenings and installations over three days at DCA.

Bold white text on Red background reads Kill Your Timid Notion
21 – 28 February 2010

Kill Your Timid Notion 10

A mixture of investigation groups, live performances, screenings and installations at DCA; the festival looked to strip back music, sound, film and moving image to their core ideas and explore them with artists and audiences.

Black serif font reads Kill Your Timid Notion on a mottled white background
17 – 19 February 2006

Kill Your Timid Notion 06

A festival hewn from passions for experimental music, film and visual art and for a passion in figuring out how they can relate to, cross-fertilise and inspire and each other.