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21 June 2023

Panteha Abareshi

Panteha Abareshi

Amid the blur of erotics, the jangle of poetics, and the fetishizing of sickness and disability, the heat of Panteha’s performance and sculpture freezes all.

I wanna be with you everywhere 2023
A gray tabby cat lounges in a glass bowl, the image is mirrored down the middle, so there are two lounging tabbies looking at us. The background is a cool blue gradient with geometric tiles.
21 June 2023
Performance Space New York Online

I wanna be with you everywhere 2023

I wanna be with you everywhere is an everywhere gathering envisioned for and by disability communities and anyone who wants to get with us. IWBWYE returns to Performance Space and any space on June 21 for an outdoor pop-up and hybridized event.


In this part of the Archive we have brought together our regular and iterative festival programmes from the past 20 years. A key part of our regular programming, these festivals emerge out of and through our ongoing work with local organising, research, one off events, conversations and experiments, representing the cumulation of many years of […]

A person sits on a bench in a relaxed position in a dimly lit room. They are wearing a lace bra.

Truth and Lies – An Anthology of Writing and Art by Sex Workers

Lib Lobberson Marin Scarlett Payola E ZuZu Gabrielli Chardonnay Bella Violet Quinn Rab Green Chao-Ying Betty Rao Heather Ashleigh Williams (BABEWORLD) Jet Moon Estella Clarke

The Truth and Lies book project emerges as part of a rising tide of sex worker art and organised struggle to end criminalisation and stigmatisation of sex work.

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7 – 8 April 2022
Performance Space New York Online

No Diving 2

Storyboard P

Live in person at Performance Space New York and live-streamed everywhere! Watching Storyboard P dance feels like glimpsing into another world.

Musicians on the left in the dark, right is a screen with orange dots in a grid


Archive Since 2011 we’ve been working to bring documentation of our past work into the public domain through our website. On this site you can access an extensive archive of video and audio recordings of experimental music, art work, discussions, films and performances. If you, or an organisation you are a part of would like […]

Disco lights on festoons on a wall


We think of art as a relationship that constantly unfolds in the realm of the common, a process and a continuum. We see our role in this unfolding relationship as celebrating and supporting connections between art and social change. When we say art, we mean the ways we sing and dance together, the ways we listen […]

Theme Pairs

We invite you to explore the archive through our selection of theme pairs. These paired ‘terms’ are not synonyms nor are they binary oppositions but words that combine to (hopefully) produce un-rational anti-categories. The aim is encourage the archive to be read in ways counter to normative or reductive categories. To allow things in the […]

Local Organising

Arika works on projects locally with grass roots groups all year round. Local Organising, as we call it, is a manifestation of our desire to support radical social change. Arika’s Local Organising programme involves ongoing collaborative relationships with grassroots groups and community organisers in Scotland and abroad.

27 March 2022
CCA Annex (Online)

Part Two | Parte II

Turmalina Chama Denise Ferreira da Silva Camilla Rocha Campos

A Breath to Follow | Um sopro a se seguir
A black pen line drawing of all the members of the Carni Collective
26 March 2022
CCA Annex (Online)

Part One | Parte I

CARNI – Coletivo de Arte Negra e Indígena Periferia Segue Sangrando Denise Ferreira da Silva Ana Lira

A Breath to Follow | Um sopro a se seguir
26 – 27 March 2022
CCA Annex (Online)

A Breath to Follow | Um sopro a se seguir

2 days of online discussions and artists presentations exploring the cosmological, decolonial, sensorial practises of Black and Indigenous grass roots art, dance and music collectives in Brazil.

Dois dias de discussões e apresentações online de artistes explorando as práticas cosmológicas, decoloniais e sensoriais de coletivoas de arte, dança e música de base negra e indígena no Brasil.

M Lamar on piano on a central stage surrounded by seated audience


We recognise that Arika has, over time, accrued certain access to resources and potential to leverage funding that others might not be able to access. In our Episodes, we try to use those resources to centre the ideas, voices and practices of communities seeking to dismantle the oppressions that are disproportionately killing them and damaging […]

a figure bathed in red writhes as they perform with a red light in their mouth

5 Years After Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

Voguing, drag, clubbing, and the politics of communities making different performances of gender and sexuality visible. It has been 5 years since Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight.

31 May 2022

Arika in Stockholm at IASPIS

Welcome to a presentation of curator Bryony McIntyre who is visiting Stockholm form May 17 to June 3, as part of IASPIS visiting expert programme. Bryony McIntyre is a founding co-director of Arika, a political arts organisation furthering the connections between artistic production and social change: through festivals, grassroots community-led programmes and international collaborations. Arika […]

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