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a figure bathed in red writhes as they perform with a red light in their mouth

5 Years After Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

Voguing, drag, clubbing, and the politics of communities making different performances of gender and sexuality visible. It has been 5 years since Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight.

31 May 2022

Arika in Stockholm at IASPIS

Welcome to a presentation of curator Bryony McIntyre who is visiting Stockholm form May 17 to June 3, as part of IASPIS visiting expert programme. Bryony McIntyre is a founding co-director of Arika, a political arts organisation furthering the connections between artistic production and social change: through festivals, grassroots community-led programmes and international collaborations. Arika […]


We think of art as a relationship that constantly unfolds in the realm of the common, a process and a continuum. Our Programme seeks to support connections between art and social change.

Lots of tiny paper and wire sails moving in sympathy with air currents

Solidarity Statements

Arika believes the most important way to exchange solidarity is in practical, ongoing, tangible ways. We try to do this via both our local organising and public programmes. Local Organising involves long term partnerships with grassroots groups in which we co-operate to create events initiated and chosen by the groups. Our public events are always […]

Miss Major waves regally from an open top car at a Pride parade, she is surrounded by other Pride marchers with banners and placards.
13 March 2022

Chosen Kin: Making Our Loyalties

Mai’a Williams Miss Major Claricia Revlon

How do communities formed under the duress of violent othering and the joy of solidarity – such as ballroom culture, Black diasporas, Zapatistas – reform bonds of kinship?

Mutual Aid
2. Poster print image with the caption “capitalism also depends on domestic labour” and an illustration of a factory production line, but instead of factory work, the activity on the production line depicts women undertaking domestic labour, caring for the factory worker at home, in-between leaving and entering the factory.
13 March 2022

Frequency of Touch: the Making of Motherhood

Helen Charman Margaret Salmon

This session focuses in on the defiant mutual aid practices of early and DIY feminist movements in the UK, that attempted to shift and radicalise care and kinship away from the domain of the nuclear family.

Mutual Aid
13 March 2022

Support Not Separation

Ubuntu Women Shelter Legal Action for Women Recovering Justice

How do grassroots feminist organisations strategise relationships between mothers, parents, carers and their children based on respect and empowerment, in resistance to the practice of putting children in often the most uncaring of places – care.

Mutual Aid
12 March 2022

Love Hangover

Hil Malatino Eli Clare Nat Raha

A joyful conversation discussing disability, gender transition and care labour as expressions of virtuosic and innovative skills that make care – good care – possible.

Mutual Aid
12 March 2022

Constantina Zavitsanos and Carolyn Lazard in Conversation

Carolyn Lazard Constantina Zavitsanos

Discussion: If we approach “care as an event” rather than as a “contract of exchange”  then what becomes possible in how we know, care for, and appreciate each other?

Mutual Aid
In a bedroom filled with daylight, Kyla, a mixed heritage woman in her 30s, sits on a raised bed and looks intently through a digital video camera. She films Lou, a white woman in her 20s who sits in Kyla’s power chair for the first time. Lou looks focused as she tries to reverse.
12 March 2022

Watch What Happens Live with Kyla Harris and Lou Macnamara

Lou Macnamara Kyla Harris

In true reality television style, this in-depth artist talk will tackle all the hardest-hitting questions and juiciest details about care, creative collaboration, and disability justice.

Mutual Aid
11 March 2022

Prisoner Solidarity in Practice

Prisoner Solidarity Network Glasgow Prisoner Solidarity

How do people both inside and outside of prison work together to dismantle the criminal justice system and build a society based on collective care?

Mutual Aid
Still from animated film ‘shit’s totally fucked! What can we do? A mutual aid explainer’ – text and illustrations on paper and wood, that spells out “something really important about all this is that Mutual Aid is not Charity”
9 March 2022

Mutual Aid on the Road to Abolition

Dean Spade Abolitionist Futures

How do we make the connections between the mutual aid practices of our daily lives and anti-capitalist efforts to dismantle wider systems of exploitation?

Mutual Aid