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A newsreader in a suit looks to camera as a blue backdrop shows buildings

Film Programme 1: Inventory

Film Programme 1: Inventory


Apply the tools of data-management to the global news media.


These films reveal un-simple hidden detail by compiling, concording or compositing global ‘news’ media; an ‘uncreative’25 art of databasing.

Heads and Globes, Similarity Matrix, Dir. eddie d, 2008, The Netherlands, 1 min 30 secs

Qaeda Quality Question Quickly Quickly Quiet, Dir. Lenka Clayton, 2003, Germany, 20m

Luft (Air), Dir. Natalia Stürz, 2008, Germany, 1 min

58 Pages, Dir. Aline Helmcke, 2008, UK, 6 mins

Untitled, Dir. Chris Saunders, 1993, UK, 3 mins


3 videos