Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way

26–28 Sep 2014
Tramway & Stereo, Glasgow

“Waywardness is the refusal to be governed. It is the next phase of the general strike, the flight from the plantation and refusal of slavery and the demeaning conditions of work, this time it happens in the slum. It is a social experiment and an effort to elaborate new forms of existence.” Saidiya Hartman

This Episode is about dissonance, divergence and disruption.  It’s about flight and fugitivity. It explores the gap between the presumed social norms of race, sex, gender and sexuality, and the qualities of lived, real experience those norms fail to allow for. It is about the ideological weapons of control ‘democracy’ utilizes to create spaces so tight it seems impossible to manoeuvre within them. And it asks whether it is possible for communities, even while so constrained, to practice being somewhere else – practically, socially and aesthetically making a way out of what is at hand and rehearsing in anticipation of what is to come.  

This Episode questions categories of race, sex, gender and sexuality and celebrates communities who’s politics and art forms prove the lie of such distinctions. It is about realness and bodies that tell many stories simultaneously.  It is about working class American dance (Krumping, Flexing, Mutant, Voguing), black poetry, queer counter-publics, cultural history and theology, ballroom & house music. It is in conversation with communities who challenge the prison industrial complex and who organise in the face of multiple oppressions. It features a queer operatic requiem, the greatest film in the African-American canon, and counter canonical impulses at the dawn of a singular black cinema. It is about the noise of black and/or queer sociality.

Programme Update - Storyboard P was due to attend Episode 6, but due to unforeseen commitments is now no longer able to be with us in September.


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Thank You - Amongst other things, this episode has emerged out of conversations (some brief, some much longer; some tired, in the car or while cutting hair; late at night, drunk, or very sober; on the phone and skype and facetime, some overheard or recorded and listened to over and again) with many people, so; thank you:  Vjaun Allure, Jonathan Anderson, Liam Casey, Nahum Chandler, Icon Ayana Christian, Martha Chono-Helsley, Edgar Rivera Colon, Ashon Crawley, Jamie Crewe, Romany Dear, Icon Derek Ebony, Icon Dray Ebony, Icon Sean Ebony, Legendary Co-Founder Michael Roberson Garçon, Nolan Garçon, Up and Coming Legendary Twiggy Pucci Garçon, Legendary Pony Zion Garçon, Anika Gibbons, Angela Ginorio, Danielle Goldman, Reina Gossett, Alexis P Gumbs, Ruthie Wilson Gilmore, Shawn Griffith and L.O.U.D., Saidiya Hartman, Emma Hedditch, Harmony Holiday, Ashanti Harris, Laura Harris, Arthur Jafa, Sacha Kahir, Kara Keeling, Robin DG Kelley, M Lamar, Isla Leaver-Yap, David Lloyd, Park McArthur, CeCe McDonald, MikeQ, Ashland Mines, Fred Moten, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, Okwui Okpokwasili, Taisha Paggett, Storyboard P (+ his mum, dad and Static), Beatriz Preciado, Miss Prissy (and Saadiya & Edmon), Charlotte Prodger, Legendary Aisha Prodigy, Legendary Dominique Prodigy, Irene Revell, Legendary NYC Mother Jazmine Perez Revlon, Dont Rhine and Ultra-red, Emily Roff, Icon Tyra Allure Ross, Liene Rozite, Julia Scott, Robert Sember, Walt Senterfitt, Neelam Sharma, Charlene Sinclair, Howard Slater, Dean Spade, Terre Thaemlitz, Leonardo Vilchis, Bob Zellner, Tim Nunn, Kathryn Bradley and everybody at Tramway, everybody from Episode 4, Episode 5 and from Masters Ballstar Weekend.

This Episode is also very much inspired by the writing of Hortense Spillers, Samuel R Delany and Nathaniel Mackey, and thinking about Ella Baker.

On Episode 6, Arika has involved: Avalon Hernandez, Jim Hutchison, Emma Macleod, Barry Esson, Kenny MacLeod, Bryony McIntyre, Nick Miller, Emilia Muller-Ginorio, Ash Reid and Jo Shaw.