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Three women pose in front of a home made banner "Get the Body of a God"

Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop

A movement-based workshop on Krump and the politics of how we teach, learn and listen with our bodies.


A movement-based workshop with Miss Prissy and Glasgow Open Dance School

What are the politics of how we teach, learn and listen with our bodies? How can dancing be a form of activism within a community? What are the experiences of women within an artform like Krump, which is often thought of as male dominated, or aggressive?

Miss Prissy is the Queen of Krump. Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) is organised by Romany Dear, Ashanti Harris and Julia Scott.

G.O.D.S. provides a space where people can learn, teach and partake in movement related workshops. For G.O.D.S, movement begins with the body, to de-intellectualise by listening acutely to the body. We (you) move as a group in continual process without pressure to perform or finalise. Move with us.

Frank Ocean - Pilot Jones Ft. Miss Prissy Glasgow Open Dance School Website Interview with GODS in Bellyflop Magazine Miss Prissy interview on Spin Radio in Helsinki


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