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  • A sign outside a shop that reads Westgap community advice
  • A shot of an purple lit stage with guitars set up and a WestGap banner
  • A WestGap banner shows a tree that is lit by fairy lights
  • WestGAP Community Gala Day

    Oct 2017
     / Glasgow

    Join WestGAP for their Community Gala! A day for EVERYONE in Cessnock and beyond, to meet, eat, have fun, and find out about great local groups and activities. Info stalls, bake sale, kids activities, workshops, live music, dinner and dancing!

    Sex Workers’ Festival of Resistance

    Apr 2017
     / Glasgow

    A Festival supporting the struggle for Sex Workers’ Rights: share knowledge, discuss, dance and strategise!

    Episode 8: Refuse Powers' Grasp

    Oct 2016
     / Glasgow

    Is there a link between how we’re divided into populations that can be caged and exiled by the prison-industrial complex, and the ways people’s bodies are violently categorised and segregated by race, class, gender or ability?

    About Arika

    1. My brain and soul melted after all of the weekend's programme. And now thankfully it is starting to regenerate into something stronger...

      —Audience Member
      Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way

    We work to celebrate and support art as it expresses communities’ desires and struggles in creating their lives and worlds together. We do this through an evolving programme of public events foregrounding performance, debate and collective learning - social spaces, which bring together allies through new, shared experiences.