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Episode 7: We Can't Live Without Our Lives

Apr 2015
 / Glasgow

In a moment of social exhaustion, we want to ask how we might care for each other differently.  We Can’t Live Without Our Lives is a 5-day exploration of care as a form of struggle and resistance, with communities who embody it.

Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way

Sep 2014
 / Glasgow

A 3-day exploration - through performance, screenings and discussion - of the art and politics of wayward communities who refuse to be bound by the fictions of race and sex, 

Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

May 2013
 / Glasgow

Voguing, drag, clubbing, and the politics of communities making different performances of gender and sexuality visible.

About Arika

  1. My brain and soul melted after all of the weekend's programme. And now thankfully it is starting to regenerate into something stronger...

    —Audience Member
    Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way

We work to celebrate and support art as it expresses communities’ desires and struggles in creating their lives and worlds together. We do this through an evolving programme of public events foregrounding performance, debate and collective learning - social spaces, which bring together allies through new, shared experiences.