Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

24–26 May 2013
Tramway & Stereo, Glasgow

About the event

Voguing, drag, clubbing, and the politics of communities making different performances of gender and sexuality visible.

What is the link between the exuberance, flamboyance, artifice and (ironic) embellishment of queer, gay, lesbian, trans or bi artforms – voguing, drag and lypsync, deep house – and the communities, politics and specificities that produced them – a politics of race, class and gender, of public health, of mourning and militancy, affect, emotion and melancholy?

This Episode is our attempt to think this through a little, with people in Glasgow and members of the House & Ballroom community, leading international choreographers and dancers, deep house and ballroom DJ’s…queer theorists, performance artists, archivists, theologians, visual artists and filmmakers including:  Vjuan Allure, Antonia Baehr, Cecilia Bengolea, boychild, Pauline Boudry, François Chaignaud, Ann Cvetkovich, DJ Sprinkles, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Jack Halberstam, Trajal Harrell, Emma Hedditch, Renate Lorenz, Jimmy Robert, Terre Thaemlitz and Vogue’ology. 

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