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Storyboard P at Kinning Park Complex

Storyboard P at Kinning Park Complex

During Episode 9 we made this clip with Storyboard P at Kinning Park Complex. Video by Ash Reid.

In our opinion, Storyboard P is one of the greatest dancers on the planet. Michael Jackson evolved dance beyond a classical physics that understood bodies moving in beautiful trajectories, to a kind of Einsteinian moonwalk that folds space and time. But Storyboard P practices a unified lived theory of Afrofuturist dance physics in which relativity and quantum mechanics are finally married—a universe of entanglement, non-locality and a revolutionary understanding of gravity, in which bodies have to be sanctuaries that float—able to teleport, disappear, appear.

Storyboard P also took part in workshop hosted by Project X for the folks on their associate dance programme.


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