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No Diving 2

Live in person at Performance Space New York at the Sydney Neilma Theatre and live-streamed everywhere!

We have, in the past, described Storyboard P as one of the greatest dancers on the planet—but in actuality, he often appears to glide above it.

Michael Jackson evolved dance beyond a classical physics that understood bodies moving in beautiful trajectories, to a kind of Einsteinian moonwalk that folds space and time. But Storyboard P dances a unified lived theory of Afrofuturist physics in which relativity and quantum mechanics are finally married—a universe of entanglement and non-locality. He makes plain the co-constituting nature of gravity and time—things fall towards where time is slower—to manifests bodies as sanctuaries that float, able to teleport, disappear, reappear in their fleshliness. He animates tarot cards and hieroglyphs—as if storyboarded and filmed in stop-motion or high frame rate, depending on the smoothness of movement, the degree of resolution or clarity an idea requires to be felt.

The 7th April performance will be followed by a conversation with Storyboard P, who when he talks about dance, can sound like a visionary poet—speech is a caption for body language, dance a way to speak without speaking, a slang of movement that can carry vibrations, a means to un-sensationalize yourself, cloaked and anonymous.

These performances are commissioned and co-produced with Performance Space New York, who we collaborated with on the I wanna be with your everywhere festival of disability aesthetics in 2019.

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