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Films Installed in the Foyer

Films Installed in the Foyer

In the Foyer at the Tramway we will screen a documentary from the Sex Workers’ Festival of Resistance 2017 and La Llamada by Eduardo Restrepo

La Llamada Dir: Eduardo Restrepo Castaño

La llamada is a narrative of perpetual invocations and disenchantments. To the tune of a land auctioner, characters of mystical origins with ambiguously banal motives, call upon each other to engage in a cyclical ritual. A hybrid of anti-capitalist critique, drag show, environmental apologue, and amoral fable.

The soundtrack to this film is constant throughout and has no spoken words in any language, so will not be subtitled or audio described.

Sex Workers’ Festival of Resistance 2017 Dir: Arika & Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement

With Subtitles in English

Hear from folks who took part talk about their experience at the Festival, the importance of sex worker only organising and learning spaces, the importance of coming together to learn from each other and the importance of building bridges in what can be isolating work. They chat about how different art forms and performance can play a role in the struggle for sex worker rights and what they think about decriminalisation and the fight for it.

Sex Worker Open University, in partnership with SCOT PEP, Umbrella Lane and ARIKA invited sex workers and allies to come together, share knowledge, discuss, debate, dance and strategise on how to protect and support sex workers’ rights across 4 days of events that all brought awareness to the issues faced by sex workers and built alliances with other progressive movements.

The films will be screened on two seperate flat screen monitors in the Tramway foyer. Each monitor will have a comfy seating arrangement to suit a couple of folks and two sets of headphones. The films will play on a loop.

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