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A layers image of several frames from a video by R. Kelly

Film Programme 5: Catalogues

Film Programme 5: Catalogues


(Apparently minimally interesting), extensive cataloguing, re-interpreting or compiling of popular media.


Are artists powerless in the face of technology? These often whimsical and amusing films are minimal technological interventions and appropriations but maybe also rigorous takes on the role of popular media and culture in our hyper-technological world.

The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn, Dir. Keith Sanborn, 1996, USA, 4 mins

LIGHT READING 1500 cinematic explosions, Dir. Elizabeth McAlpine, 2005, UK, 1 min

Untitled Film, Dir. Graham Gussin, 1997-2003, UK, 2 mins

Murphy, Dir. Bjørn Melhus, 2008, Germany, 3 mins 45 secs

All the Parts from Simon and Garfunkel’s 1984 Central Park Performance Where Garfunkel Sings With His Hands in His Pockets, Dir. Cory Arcangel, 2004, USA, 6 mins 30 secs

Chapters 1-12 of R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet Synced and Played Simultaneously, Dir. Michael Bell-Smith, 2005, USA, 4 mins 15 secs


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