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Arika have been creating events since 2001. The Archive is space to share the documentation of our work, over 600 events from the past 20 years. Browse the archive by event, artists and collections, explore using theme pairs, or use the index for a comprehensive overview.

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14 October 2006
The Arches

Infest – Polly Shang Kuan Band

Polly Shang Kuan Band

Ever changing coven of feedback worshipping witches led by Blood Stereo/ Smack Music 7 shrieker Karen Constance spit audio hexes through yr skulls.

Michael Pisaro smiles into the camera against a light background
21 March 2009
The Arches

An Unrhymed Chord

Aileen Campbell Eva-Maria Houben Jean-Philippe Gross Jerome Noetinger Klaus Filip Michael Pisaro Neil Davidson Nikos Veliotis Radu Malfatti Seymour Wright Taku Unami Toshimaru Nakamura

From really simple, open instructions, An Unrhymed Chord creates a kind of half-way point between composition and improvisation.

13 October 2006
The Arches

Infest – Jazzfinger


Lo-fidelity sheets of parinirvanic mangled tone get driven into oblivion by two longstanding gurus of the Northern England primitivist noise.

Aileen Campbell on a trampoline singing Vivaldi accompanied by musicians
12 October 2008

As Jane Edwards and Geoffrey Rush

Aileen Campbell

A chorister attempting to sing Vivaldi, with live accompaniment, while trampolining for 20 minutes.

Kill Your Timid Notion 08
The porcelain head of a doll stands out from a black background.
30 September 2020

Not Going Back to Normal

Arika is proud to be one of several arts organisations in Scotland supporting the commissioning of a radical new manifesto, by and for disabled artists working in Scotland.

Michiyo Yagi is bent over a large koto stringed instrument in a pink light
15 February 2008

Michiyo Yagi

Michiyo Yagi

Sometimes delicate, sometimes harsh and jarring, Yagi’s koto solos are as much inspired by Nancarrow or Cage as they are traditional.

Carston Nicolai standing over a mixing desk
1 December 2002
The Arches



Patented 60 cycle hums, static pops, and terse electron pinpricks mutated into perfect, post-techno grooves and synaesthesic video

12 March 2022

Constantina Zavitsanos and Carolyn Lazard in Conversation

Carolyn Lazard Constantina Zavitsanos

Discussion: If we approach “care as an event” rather than as a “contract of exchange”  then what becomes possible in how we know, care for, and appreciate each other?

Mutual Aid
10 October 2008

Salon and Q&A

Kjell Björgeengen William Bennett Zoe Irvine

A day of presentations and discussions on the theme of audio visual perception in the context of experimental music, film and art.

Kill Your Timid Notion 08
Two people with headphones listen to items in an installation at a large table
14 November 2010

Temporary Outpost for an Auditory Gesture

Brandon LaBelle

Temporary Outpost for an Auditory Gesture is a kind of performed installation that explores how sonic phenomena (like feedback, vibration, resonance, echo, rhythm) condition our experience.

Vibracathedral Orchestra on stage in red light
23 November 2003

Vibracathedral Orchestra & Matthew Bower & John Godbert

John Godbert Matthew Bower Vibracathedral Orchestra

For this one off performance Vibracathedral Orchestra are joined by Matthew Bower and John Godbert from mighty UK heavy/drone/psych free-noise behemoths Skullfower, Sunroof! and Total.

Two shafts of light, one red, one blue come from two 16mm projectors
12 December 2004

Tabula Smaragdina

Jürgen Reble Thomas Köner

Dual projections of pulsating shards of film, treated in crystallized salts and dyes merge with the whirring of projectors, distilled into particles of sound.

Kill Your Timid Notion 04
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