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Concert 1: Organ Solo

Concert 1: Organ Solo

Each organ is unique. The project is to find out what makes it unique. The recording of this performance, along with recordings made on the same instrument (at Glasgow University Chapel, with support from the organist there, Kevin Bowyer) while Jean-Luc was in town (and staying in Kevin’s castle) for Instal 09, are now available, released on a memory stick from No Schools Recordings.


Jean-Luc Guionnet’s work is divided into as many parts as he has opportunities to think and act in sound and image. This work is to do with encountering something strong external to himself and is articulated through improvisation, composition, electroacoustic projects, field recording, electronics and theory. His organ performances are about encountering the machine, the mechanism of the organ; part vehicle and part artificial intelligence, taking the breath of the machine and its direction in space and letting that breath vibrate in its own certain way without losing its raw quality; exploring the length of propagation, the magnitude of the reverb. Each organ is unique. The project is to find out what makes it unique.

Jean-Luc Guionnet Never Come Ashore
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