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Cardboard boxes suspended in bunches from cords
15 May 2010

Inferno Quiz Show

Taku Unami

Cardboard boxes, metal guitar, critical homage, attempts to describe things you can’t describe. A one-man Grand Guignol school play.

A shadow crouches on the floor amongst mic stands and boxes, one light source
28 February 2010

Taku Unami

Taku Unami

Taku’s actions strip back musical performance to one of its original proposals: what is an action and how does it create a situation for spending time together, for paying attention?

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
A microphone hanging from a cable
26 February 2010



Taking a scalpel to the relationship between performer and audience: cutting something out to see what’s left, a drastic subtraction and shift of emphasis.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Man in Black clothes standing next to two microphones, staring out
12 November 2010

Object of Thought


A solo improvisation using just the situation of the concert: a space, a PA, Mattin’s own thoughts, you, the audience.

A gender queer performer sits in a chair on stage, smoking, flanked by plants
26 May 2013


Pauline Boudry Renate Lorenz

Trans-temporal drag, sexuality and the re-staging of illegible moments in history.

Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight
B&W cutout props of a large mushroom, some Russian building and 3 men
25 March 2012

The Russian Woods

Chto Delat

A spectacular musical show which discusses the representation of a nation state, its characters and history. A learning play on myth construction and its reproduction.

Episode 3: Copying without Copying
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