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Daniel Carter plays a saxophone and William Parker plays a bamboo flute
20 April 2013

Daniel Carter & William Parker

Daniel Carter William Parker

What might Carter and Parker’s collaboration tell us about our own performances of responsibility and liberty, whether individual, social or musical?

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle
John Tilbury plays a piano whilst Wadada Leo Smith plays a trumpet
19 April 2013

Wadada Leo Smith & John Tilbury

John Tilbury Wadada Leo Smith

How might two of the great musicians working within contrasting traditions of freedom collaborate? What might this produce: musically, socially, allegorically?

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle
A drawing of a circular shape made in graphic pencil
5 February 2012
Glasgow University Chapel

Concert 1: Organ Solo

Jean-Luc Guionnet

Each organ is unique. The project is to find out what makes it unique.

Investigation: Jean-Luc Guionnet
A pencil drawing of a spherical shape drawn with rough impressionistic strokes
5 – 9 February 2012
Glasgow University Chapel Glasgow Uni Music Dept Kinning Park Complex

Investigation: Jean-Luc Guionnet

What’s the best way to spend time with a musician when they visit a city to perform? And when the musician in question has a great deal to say, what sort of concert do you organise to do justice to that?

Black and white photo of Argyll taken from event poster
4 September 2007


Angharad Davies Lee Patterson Luke Fowler Rhodri Davies Toshiya Tsunoda

NVA asked Arika to curate and programme the sound aspects of their 2007 Half-Life production in Kilmartin Glen. Arika worked with Toshiya Tsunoda, Lee Patterson, Rhodri Davies and Angharad Davies.

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