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Aileen Campbell on a trampoline singing Vivaldi accompanied by musicians
12 October 2008

As Jane Edwards and Geoffrey Rush

Aileen Campbell

A chorister attempting to sing Vivaldi, with live accompaniment, while trampolining for 20 minutes.

Kill Your Timid Notion 08
A microphone hanging from a cable
26 February 2010



Taking a scalpel to the relationship between performer and audience: cutting something out to see what’s left, a drastic subtraction and shift of emphasis.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Jarrod planting seeds in little cardboard plant pots, with a pink watering can
28 February 2010

Jarrod Fowler

Jarrod Fowler

What is the radical concept at the core of ‘rhythm’, expanded from simply musical or mathematical notions to encompass personal, social, collective rhythms?

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Man in Black clothes standing next to two microphones, staring out
12 November 2010

Object of Thought


A solo improvisation using just the situation of the concert: a space, a PA, Mattin’s own thoughts, you, the audience.

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