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Jarrod planting seeds in little cardboard plant pots, with a pink watering can

Jarrod Fowler

Jarrod Fowler

What is the radical concept at the core of ‘rhythm’ ? (rhythm expanded from simple musical or mathematical notions to encompass personal, social, collective rhythms; our daily routines, our ways of coming together, our agriculture, our ability to recycle). Can we think or imagine rhythm as a progressive tool? (Not just musically but in terms of cycles, differences and repetition, beyond and through music and into a larger social context?)


A rhythm based non-performance concerning and engaging the audience, other performers, KYTN, Dundee… Jarrod has promised to prepare something that will have “an undefined beginning and ending” (which as organisers we find both terrifying (What’s going to happen?) and exciting (What’s going to happen!)).

Jarrod started out as a percussionist playing drums & making beats, but he’s moved focus to the wider topics of rhythm in art, society, performance…. with a focus on rhythm and an interest in: Hip Hop, Deep Ecology, Fluxus, Uncreative Writing, Anarchism, Chronobiology, Conceptual Art, Permaculture; which is to say a very broad sense of the rhythmical…


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