Episode 10: A Means Without End

20–24 Nov 2019
Tramway, Glasgow
Complex ways of understanding our complex times. Maths & Poetics. Gesture & Physics. Collectivist Struggle & Desire.
5 days of performances, discussions, screenings and study sessions about how the art and thought of collectivist desires, the complex flow of contemporary maths and the counterintuitive realities of particle physics help us grow the capacity to be one another’s means without end. 
With: Jay Bernard | boychild | Mijke van der Drift | Denise Ferreira da Silva | James Goodwin | Stefano Harney | Laura Harris | Nathaniel Mackey | Alexander Moll | Fred Moten | Arjuna Neuman | Nat Raha | Nisha Ramayya | Wu Tsang | Ueinzz | Jackie Wang | Fernando Zalamea
Check the Programme for the full running order and more details about each of the seperate events and the Introduction for the thinking behind the Episode.
There’s a few ways different ways to spend time at the Episode
  • PROGRAMME: Each evening, there is a programme of larger-scale poetry readings, screenings, performances and discussions that embody or discuss ideas of poetics, gesture, maths and physics.
  • STUDY SESSIONS: In the afternoons, the Study Sessions are a chance to geek out with people who’ve been thinking about the themes of the Episode for a while.
  • EXHIBTION: Fred Moten and Wu Tsang have an installation, which puts into action many of the Episode’s core ideas of poetics, touch, entanglement, chance, maths and language.
  • QUIET SPACE: There’s a Quiet Space, where you can rest, digest and withdraw as needed throughout the days.
We’re operating from the point of view of access intimacy. Access isn’t an individual's need, but a common capacity shared between us all. If there is anything we can do to make attending the Episode easier for you, please let us know and we will try to help.
All the events are Pay What You Can, just turn up on the day. More info on the Book Tickets page.
Our Visitor Info page has info on Real-Time Captioning (STTR), Quiet Space, venue accessibility, how to make general access enquiries or to request BSL interpretation.
Each event listing has more details on access provision specific to each performance. 
At the Episode the Arika Desk staff will be able to assist you with any access queries, seating requests or questions about the programme and what the events will be like. We have a Safer Spaces statement for the Episode which you can read here.
Aye-Aye Books and Category is Books will both have stalls at the Episode with a selection of books responding to the programme. And there is a playlist on Spotify of the music played at the Episode here.
To have a look at a PDF of the printed Booklet for the Episode, see our page on Issuu.
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Thank you - Everyone in the Institute of Physical Sociality, so far, including boychild, Karen Barad, Gabriel Catren, Valentina Desideri, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Laura Harris, Fred Moten, Marielle Pelissero, Emily Roff, Wu Tsang, Hypatia Vourloumis, Beckett Warzer, Fernando Zalamea. Michael Doser at the AEgIS experiment at CERN. Amilcar Packer. Susanne Winterling. Alison Smith. Alex Fleming. Janie, LJ, Jill, Paul, Nadia, Dean and everyone at Tramway. Harry Josephine Giles. Sarah Shin. Jo Ross. Ainslie Roddick, Sabrina Henry and Viviana Checchia at the CCA and everyone who came and contributed to Episode 9 and all of our friends and allies. And a big thanks to Andrew Howell doing the STTR and Captioning for the Episode.

On Episode 10, Arika has and will involve: 

Alaya Ang, Barry Esson, Joanna Helfer, Jim Hutchison, Nosheen Khwaja, Emma Macleod, Duncan McCormick, Bryony McIntyre, Cloudberry McLean, Ahmed Mesto, Nick Miller, Raman Mundair, Saerlaith Robyn McQuaid-O’Dwyer, Ash Reid, Alex Woodward and Jack Wrigley.

Press - download the press release for Episode 10 here.