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A member of Ueinzz wears a blue head wrap and looks out to sea

Mobedique Hors Acvé

Mobedique Hors Acvé

A community of those without community, for a community to come. A schizo-scenic video-collage of the disturbing ‘normality’ of Moby Dick.

“Remote pasts meet remote futures. Dancing robots wave to the lonely traveller. Burning fat from whales feeds the citizen-consumer zombification process. Now everything burns! Precarious lodger, we will be in the dark, castaways of a world that does not belong to us. Terrans, in the company of jellyfish, we follow the hunting, the escape, the astrology and the holograms of the Mobedique Whale.

Ueinzz is a scenic territory for those for who the world wavers. Like in Kafka, we make poetic and political transmutations of substance from sickness on dry land. In the set, we are master in clairvoyance art, with notorious knowledge in improvisation and neologisms. Specialists in maritime encyclopaedia, frustrated trapeze artists, dream hunters, interpretative actresses. We are also inventers of pomba-gira, incognita musicians, brewer masters and blossoming beings. Ours are lives lived along a narrow line, experimenting in aesthetic practices and transatlantic collaborations. Community of those without community, for a community to come.” – Ueinzz

Ueinzz have created a video specifically for Episode 10, made from overlays, cutouts, and different situations as they created and staged their play Mobedique Hors Acvé.


We think of Ueinzz as a weekly, ongoing practice of sociality, under the sign of theatrical care: an open rehearsal for a play and political future that is yet to arrive, but is brought closer by practicing it here and now. Ueinzz exists within the set of ever-changing relationships between users of mental health services, therapists, actors, so-called psychotic patients, carers, philosophers, and people whose lives hang by a thread. They amplify the flows and worldviews produced by supposed ‘illnesses’ into a theatre capable of reversing power over life into the potential of life. They reveal the disturbing ‘normality’ that surrounds us every day.

We had the pleasure of hosting Ueinzz at Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives.

The film is not availble to view in the archive, but reach out to Ueinzz to screen the film.

Access and Translation

Ueinzz are from São Paulo, Brazil. As a site for translation between different worldviews, the video will have dialogue, subtitles, maybe some text in both in Portuguese and English. As in all translation, not everything can be understood; but something can be felt.

Ueinzz Members

For Mobedique Hors Acvé, Ueinzz are: Adélia Faustino, Aécio Cardoso, Ana Carmem del Collado, Ailton Faria de Carvalho, Ana Goldenstein, Arthur Amador, Carlos Balpa, Carolina Audjemian, Eduardo Lettiere, Erika Inforsato, Jayme Menezes, Laiza Menegassi, Leonardo Lui, Marco Antônio Machado, Marcos Marabelli, Onés Cervelin, Paula Francisquetti, Pedro França, Pontogor, Rodrigo Calazans, Simone Mina, Valéria Manzalli and Amélia Monteiro de Melo.

Image Description: A member of Ueinzz wears a blue head wrap and pink top and looks out to sea pensively as their shoulder length hair waves in the breeze.

Documentation from Ueinzz events at Episode 7: We Can't Live Without Our Lives Video of Ueinzz at Festival de Inverno de Ouro Preto e Mariana Finnegan's Ueinzz Booklet
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