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Jerome in a white t-shirt holds aloft a saxophone and long stem of sugar cane above their head

Performance in the spirit and celebration of Aster of Ceremonies

Performance in the spirit and celebration of Aster of Ceremonies

Ellis’s processional, precessional cessation and continuation of movement and music comes to us via his forthcoming release Aster of Ceremonies (Milkweed Editions, 2023). At Performance Space JJJJJerome brings his sax, his laptop, his incomparable style to the stage, to the aisles, and to the surround: carrying forward the memory of his grandfather’s sermons and spirit. This sonic ionic offering will undo lineage while keeping us family–family with flowers, with humans, with bells, and, always, with the wind.

If you are in the UK the time for this event is 20:30-21:00 GMT +1

About the Artist

JJJJJerome Ellis is an animal, artist, and proud stutterer. Through music, literature, performance, and video, he researches relationships among blackness, disabled speech, divinity, nature, sound, and time. He was born in 1989 to Jamaican and Grenadian immigrants. He grew up in Tidewater, Virginia, where he lives with his wife, ecologist-poet Luísa Black Ellis.


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