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Cyrée, a black trans person, in a mirror. He’s wearing a hat and a leopard print shirt. He’s surrounded by tarot cards and plants.

Performance after the telethon

Performance after the telethon

What to do about a telethon other than fuck it up? Poet, tarotist, artist, and librarian Cyrée Jarelle Johnson returns to IWBWYE to read the 1980s and ’90s for what those decades were: practice for now. As our host and guide, he joins us in pissing on pity as Jerry’s Orphans did, while celebrating the wealth of nothing about us without us. From Performance Space’s courtyard his primary relationship will be with the camera and all of us beyond its lens. Some of this is technological, some of this is a means of direct address and embrace, some of this is a series of observations Cyrée has stored up for some time–and today you’ll be lucky enough to receive them all.

If you are in the UK the time for this event is 00:30-01:00 GMT +1 on Thursday 22 June.

About the Artist

Cyrée Jarelle Johnson is a writer, poet, and librarian living in New York City. He’s had words in The New York Times, Boston Review, and Vice. Cyrée Jarelle has received fellowships and grants from Culture/Strike, Astraea Foundation, Rewire.News/Disabled Writers, and the Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund. He has delivered lectures and readings at The White House, TEDxColumbia University, Whitney Museum of American Art, and Brown University among other venues.


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