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Amelia is framed to the right of the picture smiling. They are wearing a sky blue tie dye shirt and brown cap. They are pictured in Abiquiu, New Mexico, by the Chama River, surrounded by cholla cacti blooming bright pink flowers with a mountainous landscape behind.

Meditations in a Chronic Emergency

Meditations in a Chronic Emergency

With lo-fi dreams and high-def humor, Bande brings MC vibes to the day. Interluding music with spoken performance, the live extimacy of Bande’s presence reaches out via emo-techno-bridges. Her humor is a vessel that holds deep feelings sprinkled with softly misted relief. Her languages speak of collective anger and desperation, of laughter, of tears, of love, and of how we care (and don’t) for one another. This is illness talk, COVID forever talk, talk of disappearance, disposability, denial, but also talk of kinship, of gentle brushes of truth, and of mutual connection and disconnection. Bande will bring songs and meditations: welcome.

If you are in the UK the time for this event is 22:00-23:00 GMT +1

About the Artist

Amelia Bande is an artist from Chile based in California and New York. Her play Chueca won the 2006 Chilean National Playwright Award and was later published by Sangría Editora. Her solo and collaborative work has been shown at Artists Space, The Poetry Project, Storm King Arts Center, and Participant Inc. (New York) NgBK and HAU2 (Berlin), Human Resources (Los Angeles), and Teatro Sidarte (Santiago). She was co-editor of Critical Correspondence, an online journal of Movement Research. A sound archive of her early performances with Canción de Amor Desea Verle was released by Infinito Audio, Chile in 2017. She’s currently a Writer in Residence at NYU’s Spanish and Portuguese Department.


Audio Description

Audio Description is when visual information is described by someone speaking. Sometimes this is provided by a specialist audio describer and sometimes speakers will self-describe for the benefit of anyone unable to see them. Each event may have a slightly different version of Audio Description: For some events, an audio describer will be assigned to […] more

ASL Interpretation

Interpretation provided in American Sign Language
Their role is to facilitate effective communication by simultaneously interpreting spoken English into a signed language and vice-versa to ensure all Deaf and hearing parties can understand each other.
An ASL interpreter is fluent in two or more languages and works in real time, usually simultaneously interpreting the language that is both signed and spoken by each party.

Live CART Captioning

Live CART Captions are the verbatim transcription by a captioner of dialogue into text form as it is spoken live. At an in-person event, the text normally appears on a screen beside or behind the speaker.  When provided during online events the live captions appear along the bottom of the screen, or via a separate video channel depending on the type of service used.


Large-font script

Large-font written script available online and in print.

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