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Improvisation, Make-up and Lip-sync

Improvisation, Make-up and Lip-sync

Underground movement legend boychild hosts this workshop—on improvisation, cosmetics, movement and lip-sync.

What happens when we re-think the modal boundaries of our bodies? “Become a wet rug”. This workshop extends drag into an improvisational playground that is the contemporary matrix of being. An exploration of becomings through the movement based performance practice rooted in the lip-sync technique.

boychild makes out of body, beyond-made-up performances. They inhabit a kind of queer flesh that vibrates out-with the humanly-accessible spectrum, as if you were suddenly able to see ultra-violet, or heat, in some sort of politicised cyborg becoming that overwhelms your senses.

boychild on Instagram Video of performance by boychild at Episode 5: Hidden In Plain Sight Video of performance by boychild at Episode 8: Refuse Powers' Grasp
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