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In this part of the Archive we have brought together our regular and iterative festival programmes from the past 20 years. A key part of our regular programming, these festivals emerge out of and through our ongoing work with local organising, research, one off events, conversations and experiments, representing the cumulation of many years of Arika activities.

a collection of images in a grid showing posters from Episodes
10 Items


A key part of our programming, Episodes explore the interlinked nature of aesthetics and social organising, through public events, investigating interlinked themes and contradictions, which develop from one Episode to the next.
7 Items

Local Organising

Arika’s Local Organising programme involves ongoing collaborative relationships with grassroots groups and community organisers in Scotland and abroad.
grid of 9 images from international projects
7 Items

International Projects & Collaborations

International collaboration has been part of our work and programming from the early days, including touring performances to New York back in 2005. Since then we were invited to curate a programme for the 2012 Whitney Biennial, resulting in "A Survey is a Process of Listening" which planted the seeds of fruitful friendships and solidarity with groups, activists and scholars in North America that continue to this day. 
a banner with painted letters saying sex work is work
10 Items

Sex Worker Organising

This collection brings together projects and events from our archive related to sex worker organising and the decriminalisation of sex work.
9 Items


INSTAL was our first regular festival, running at the Arches in Glasgow from 2001 - 2010. INSTAL allowed us to cut our teeth programming some of the most exciting new experimental sound and music to UK audiences.
7 Items

Kill Your Timid Notion

Kill Your Timid Notion was a series of festivals exploring experimental music, sound, film and moving image, running from 2003 - 2010 at Dundee Contemporary Arts.
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