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Arika have been creating events since 2001. The Archive is space to share the documentation of our work, over 600 events from the past 20 years. Browse the archive by event, artists and collections, explore using theme pairs, or use the index for a comprehensive overview.

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56 Results for Repetition | Speaking Again

Work grouped in this theme might deal with bringing something from the past back into a present day context or perhaps the literal and/or obsessive repetition of something many times over. Highlights include the loud and emotional collective reading of Zong!, or the epic public reading of transcripts from one of the Combatant Status Review Tribunals that took place at U.S. military prison camp in Guantanamo Bay. It is our intention that the paired ‘terms’ that this theme is comprised of are not synonyms nor are they binary oppositions but words that combine to (hopefully) produce un-rational anti-categories. The aim is to allow (encourage) the archive to be read in ways counter to normative or reductive categories. To allow things in the archive to appear in sometimes unlikely groupings and to resist essentialism.

Instal 10 poster with subtitle 'Braver New Musics'
12 – 14 November 2010


The final iteration of Arika’s INSTAL festivals, the 2010 edition was an experimental festival of experimental music – 3 days of events at the Tramway that explored un-average ideas about sound and music.

Eric La Casa walking with a microphone on a boom stand
13 May 2010


Eric La Casa Jean-Luc Guionnet

One-shot sonic portraits of 4 houses, their inhabitants and their relationship to sound, from 2 of the most deep-thinking field-recording artists around.

A shot of a boldly decorated bedroom, red walls, fairy lights, myriad flowers
28 February 2010

Film Programme 6: Production

Ken Jacobs Various Artists

The production of moving image (film) by the mechanically, unfalteringly repetitive manipulation of mass-produced materials (film), in order to explore three different allegorical representations (films) of repetitive human actions and labour under capital.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Amplifiers outside with mics on the floor coming from them
27 February 2010

Hit Parade

Christof Migone

Can we use sound, repetition and difference to personally and collectively engage with space, time and labour?

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
A full theatre looks back at the camera
27 February 2010

Screening Room & Teatro Amazonas

Morgan Fisher Sharon Lockhart

A double bill. A simple first person, Dundee-specific tracking shot that approaches the cinema/ screen/ space the film will eventually be shown in and in Brazilian opera house, a fixed camera gazes at a local audience from the stage: a choir, hidden in the orchestra pit, sings and gradually fades to silence.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
A woman in a white dress jogs across a frame screened on a wall
27 February 2010

Film Programme 2: Repetitive Actions

Emma Hart Guy Sherwin Morgan Fisher Various Artists

Setting up a minimal procedure to explore the interaction between a person and the (documentary) film/ video process. What initially seems simple ends up contrarily distanced and intimate, public and private.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Taku Unami standing against a wall
22 February 2010

Investigation – Taku Unami

Taku Unami

With Taku we’ll carry out some simple proposals for doing almost nothing, for re-thinking sound with whatever comes to hand.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Mick Flower and Matt Valentine play guitar my two amplifiers
17 February 2008
The Arches

Golden Cherry Ball

MV & EE The Cherry Blossoms

An event exploring anarchic and communal situations of musical creation with MV, EE and The Cherry Blossoms.

Richard Youngs stamps his foot and gesticulates as he sings energetically
17 February 2008
The Arches

Personal Space

Luke Fowler Richard Youngs

For musical chameleon Richard Youngs both his creative and family life are focused in the room that many of us consider the centre piece of our lives.

Kenny Goldsmith holds a microphone wearing a white spotted jumper
16 February 2008
The Arches


Achim Wollscheid Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith reads extracts of his conceptual poetry and Achim Wollscheid manipulates mobile phone signals.

13 October 2006
The Arches

Infest – Nimrod 33 & Shareholder

Nimrod 33 Shareholder

West Coast drone-age guitar grumbler/ consumer electronic reclaimer meets free-thinking clang/ chime/ drone bluesman of The East.

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