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A film still shows an interior view along a hospital corridor



Jordan Lord makes expanded film that saturates and sutures every Virgo’s need for precision without belying the misprision necessary to feel through and beyond image. What’s promised in this live reading alongside a fully transcribed, described, and open-captioned film screening is nothing short of their actual open heart.

After…After…(Access) is an essay film that confronts questions of accessibility through an attempt to record the filmmaker’s recent open-heart surgery. The film follows the filmmaker, as they prepare for the surgery: watching medical imaging of their body with friends, revisiting a former lover, preparing for their mother to come to New York, documenting their family’s arrival, and ultimately being admitted to the hospital. Alongside this footage, the film’s narration considers the relationship between showing and telling; various dimensions of access; and how access is frequently considered only after the threat of liability, in the context of both filmmaking and disability. The film prioritizes access as a precondition of the film itself; audio description and open captioning are inseparable aspects of the film.

Jordan Lord is a filmmaker, writer, and artist, working primarily in video, text, and performance. Their work addresses the relationship between framing and support, historical and emotional debts, documentary and description. Their performance and video work has been shown at venues including Artists Space: Books & Talks, Camden Arts Centre, and DOC NYC, and they have been in study with the group No Total since 2012. They are currently working on an MFA in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College.

This event was documented with photographs, video and audio recordings. The recordings are not yet publically availble, please contact us for specific viewing requests.

Jordan Lord's Website