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We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

The current team at Arika is made up a small team of employees and a whole host of amazing freelance project workers and artists depending on what we’re working on. We use union advised rates of pay and do not employ volunteers.

Our current employees are:

  • Bryony McIntyre
  • Barry Esson
  • Emma Macleod
  • Cloudberry McLean

Folk who have spent time working on Arika projects include (but are not limited to): Agnieszka Habraschka, Alaya Ang, Alex Fleming, Alex McNutt, Alex Woodward, Alice Black, Andrew Houston, Anna Pearce, Ash Reid, Avalon Hernandez, Ben Kamps, Chris Dennis, Chris Nelms, Dan Adams, Darri Donnelly, Duncan McCormick, Elio Sea, Emilia Muller-Ginorio, Emily Roff, Erin McElhinney, Gallia Young, Glen Thomson, Jack Wrigley, James Hindle, Jana Robert, Jason Brogan, Jim Hutcheson, Jo Helfer, Jo Shaw, Jon Clarke, Jonathan Anderson, Kamal Ackerie, Kenny Macleod, Lesley Young, Laura Cameron Lewis, Matt Lloyd, Mike Donnelly, Neil Davidson, Nick Miller, Nosheen Khwaja, Ruari Cormack, Ruth Marsh, Saerlaith Robyn O’Dwyer, Sian Kydd, Tourmaline and Yihang Hu