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  • A chalkboard with the words Local Organising written in white chalk
    16 May 2017

    We are looking for someone to join Arika and co-ordinate our Local Organisising work. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 7th June with interviews taking place around the week beginning the 19th June

  • 13 Mar 2017

    We would love to hear from you about your thoughts and feedback about Arika events. We've created a short anonymous survey that is open both to folks who have attended Arika...

  • A view of a dark room and an audience from behind.A huge backlit fan is on stage
    6 Mar 2015

    CD released on Confront of Ray Brassier and Mattin's Unfree Improvisation/ Compulsive Freedom performance from Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle.

  • Copy of Insert from Collected Spaces LP
    6 Mar 2015

    The self-published Collected Spaces (First Listen) LP is a trace of a collaborative process undertaken between Art Angel, Tin Roof, Ultra-red and Arika between 2010 and 2011.

  • 2 people with recording equipment in a living room
    4 Mar 2015

    Jean-Luc Guionnet and Eric La Casa have released a set of recordings from a 3 phase project that arose from conversations with Arika and collaborations with a set of local folks to make intimate recordings of their home...

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