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The Polymath – Samuel Delany documentary at SQIFF

We’ve hooked up with Scottish Queer International Film Festival to present The Polymath – a great documentary about Samuel R. Delany. Come along to find out more about his life and work before he comes to Episode 9 in November. Fred Barney Taylor’s documentary offers a portrait of Samuel R. Delany, black gay man, radical, and revered author of science fiction novels. Delany is also a well-regarded literary critic and academic with a candid and iconoclastic approach.

He recounts his Harlem childhood, experiences with psychotherapy, and promiscuous adventures in the infamous Everard Baths and other public-sex venues. Interviews are juxtaposed with grainy home movies of Delany’s family and absorbing footage of the bridges, streets, trains, and skyscrapers of the writer’s native New York. SQIFF offer a sliding scale of ticket prices from free to £8 depending on how you self-define your financial circumstances.

The screening will run from 7pm on Saturday Sept 30th.

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