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A dome of a white observatory in front of a dark blue sky
29 November 2008
BFI Southbank CCA

Location Location Location

Various Artists Guy Sherwin

Experience a sense of being in the world, in a specific space and time. Including Jeanne Liotta’s recordings of the ionosphere and Walter Ruttmann’s radical 35mm precursor to musique concrète.

Kill Your Timid Notion on Tour
A view looking down a stone spiral staircase. A pair of trainers is on a step.
14 February 2008
Glasgow Uni Music Dept

Personal Space

Aileen Campbell Neil Davidson

Personal Spaces: inversion of a territorial bell, confusing the realms between rehearsal and performance, public and private space.

18 February 2006

Word Processor

Derek Lodge The Duty Managers

Artist Derek Lodge running a specially designed social space, somewhere for conversation, story-telling and interaction.

Kill Your Timid Notion 06
Two Bain brothers look down at a lit mixer in a dark space
15 February 2008
The Arches

Self Cancellation – Archisonic

John Bain Mark Bain

A system in which oscillators shake The Arches, seismographs pick up the harmonics that are then amplified through massive sub-bass PA.

By blacklight in front of a yellow wall two silhouetted people perform
14 February 2008
The old public library in Easterhouse

Personal Space

Blood Stereo

Avant-wrongdoers Blood Stereo performing in Garthamlock the town spawned them.

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