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Disco lights on festoons on a wall
17 November 2017
Kinning Park Complex

Party & Unity Fundraiser

DJ D-Harsh Dj@Christelle Moor Mother Nena Etza

Social and party with all proceeds going to the Unity Centre, featuring DJ SETS with Dj@Christelle, DJ D-Harsh, Nena Etza & Moor Mother.

Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist
Image with the word: Defaalt
9 December 2001
The Arches



Glasgow based artist Defaalt invites the audience to collaborate fully in his performance by means of a generative graphical interface.

Koji Asano and friend backstage at INSTAL 02
1 December 2002
The Arches

Eclipse of the Moon from the Backyard

Koji Asano Paragon Ensemble

Work for cello, percussion, contra bassoon and cherbulum commissioned for Instal in collaboration with Paragon

Richard Youngs standing with a microphone at INSTAL 04
16 October 2004
The Arches

Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs

One of the most incessantly experimental musicians in the UK, Youngs’ aesthetic is entirely unique, never really part of any scene [whilst influencing many], steadfastly unafraid and honest

Instal 08 Poster Graphic
14 – 17 February 2008
The Arches


A cast of pioneering and provocative spirits who exist outside the mainstream, between borders and definitions; a series of events that each explore different aspects of music that doesn’t quite fit any given category. INSTAL 08 included the Self-Cancellation project.

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