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Silhouette of man with wild hair
19 April 2015

Cartography of Exhaustion

Peter Pál Pelbart

If life is assaulted by power, where do we find spaces for living? A conversation with Peter Pál Pelbart.

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
A medieval woodcut of the cosmos with the sun, stars and heavens
5 May 2012
Whitney Museum of American Art

Cosmic Pessimism

Eugene Thacker

A performed lecture concerned with Renaissance occult (musical) thinkers of the cosmic who put forward the notion of the “disharmony of the world”

A survey is a process of listening
26 February 2012

Cosmic Pessimism

Eugene Thacker

A chat with Eugene Thacker. Can we rethink the world as unthinkable, and without us?

Episode 2: A Special Form of Darkness
Ayreen Anastas seated at a kitchen table in the evening
21 January 2012

Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri

Ayreen Anastas Rene Gabri

An open-ended moment in an ongoing series of films, notes, performances, diagrams and drawings which trace the questions they share. A “porous space between cinema time-space and lived time-space.”

Episode 1: A Film is a Statement
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