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A man in Hi Vis smiles as he plays a snare drum in a car park
27 February 2010

Film Programme 3: Collective Actions

Various Artists

Individual experience separated by physical boundaries (of space, time or ability) suggested as communities of collective experience by (perhaps voyeuristic) artists.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Robert Softley Gale working at a computer next to a bath robe
18 November 2017

Discourse or Intercourse: One on One

Robert Softley Gale

Ten short intimate one-on-one conversations with Robert Softley Gale – We all want to see ourselves reflected in the world around us—in society, in art, in culture… in porn?

Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist
Eric La Casa walking with a microphone on a boom stand
13 May 2010


Eric La Casa Jean-Luc Guionnet

One-shot sonic portraits of 4 houses, their inhabitants and their relationship to sound, from 2 of the most deep-thinking field-recording artists around.

Packing tubes stand on their ends. two blurred figures are sitting in the back
12 November 2010

The Borders Play Sunno(((

Christian Kesten Lucio Capece

Intriguing, underground, Berlin based musicians interested in the borders between music and theatre, language, the visual arts, politics.

People milling around with sheets of paper, passing them
14 November 2010

Paper Piece: Secrets

Brandon LaBelle

Paper Piece: Secrets is a performance for and with the whole audience, using paper, text, secrets, being in the crowd