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A black screen with the word, "words" written in large letters
23 February 2010

So Is This

Michael Snow

Investigate film as language, via the language of film reduced to the basic units of film and language. A film as text in which each frame is a single word.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
The Bohman Brothers on stage at INSTAL 06 surrounded by objects and microphones
14 October 2006
The Arches

The Bohman Brothers

The Bohman Brothers

Quintessentially British, The Bohman Brothers’ music is a home-made and DIY conflux of some of the most virulent strains of experimental music.

Packing tubes stand on their ends. two blurred figures are sitting in the back
12 November 2010

The Borders Play Sunno(((

Christian Kesten Lucio Capece

Intriguing, underground, Berlin based musicians interested in the borders between music and theatre, language, the visual arts, politics.

People milling around with sheets of paper, passing them
14 November 2010

Paper Piece: Secrets

Brandon LaBelle

Paper Piece: Secrets is a performance for and with the whole audience, using paper, text, secrets, being in the crowd