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Jandek's silouhette against a blue wall
28 August 2005
Scottish Rite Theatre

Austin 05


Jandek performing at the Scottish Rite Theatre in Austin, Texas with Juan Garcia, Nick Hennies and Chris Cogburn.

Jandek performing on stage at Anthology Film Archives NY 05
6 September 2005
Anthology Film Archives, New York 05

Anthology Film Archives, New York 05

Alan Licht Chris Corsano Jandek Loren Mazzacane Connors MV & EE Matt Heyner

Performances at Anthology Film Archives NY by Jandek, Loren Mazzacane Connors & Alan Licht, and MV & EE.

Jandek, Chris Corsano and Matt Heyner performing at Issue Project Room 05
7 September 2005
Issue Project Room

Issue Project Room, New York 05

Alan Licht Chris Corsano Jandek Loren Mazzacane Connors Matt Heyner

Performances at Anthology Film Archives by by Loren Mazzacane Connors, Alan Licht & Jandek.

Keiji Haino playing a saz onstage in CCA Glasgow 05
23 May 2005

CCA Glasgow 05

Jandek Keiji Haino My Cat Is An Alien Taurpis Tula

Performances at CCA Glasgow by Keiji Haino, My Cat Is An Alien, Taurpis Tula, Jandek with Richard Youngs and Alex Neilson.

Jandek and Richard Youngs onstage at MLFC 05
22 May 2005
The Sage Gateshead


Jandek Alex Neilson Richard Youngs

Jandek’s second ever live performance, and the first to be advertised in advance.

Music Lover’s Field Companion 05
Jandek on stage wearing a hat & playing an electric guitar
17 October 2004
The Arches


Alex Neilson Jandek Richard Youngs

Jandek’s first ever live performance. Unannounced, the performance was a total surprise for everybody at the festival.

Kan Mikami playing guitar and singing at INSTAL 04
17 October 2004
The Arches

Kan Mikami

Kan Mikami

A voice that can vault from an elegantly whispered insinuation to asphyxiated and murderous barks or squalls in a heartbeat.

Tetusi Akiyama sitting with a guitar surrounded by audience
15 October 2005
The Arches

Tetuzi Akiyama

Tetuzi Akiyama

An contradictory guitarist, he’s equally at home in slow, halting acoustic improvisation or piercing minimal examinations of electric guitar.

a man playing drums behind a woman playing a pedal steel guitar
14 October 2005
The Arches



Jarringly beautiful and often maniacal expression of hallucinatory and very personal visions.

Sachiko performing in blue light at INSTAL 06
15 October 2006
The Arches


Wordless, reverb drenched voice, ghosted electronics, seething and ferocious electronic damage and Patty Waters style vocal mania.

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