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Strips of 16mm laid horizontally to show red and yellow flares of light
12 October 2008

Film Programme: Feedback

John Butcher Luis Recoder Paul Sharits Various Artists Toshiya Tsunoda

The pieces in the programme switch between silent film/ imageless sound, but we wanted to have a think about how ideas can take up residency on either side of the sound/ image border, without having to inhabit both at the same time.

Kill Your Timid Notion 08
Image with the words: Icebreaker International
9 December 2001
The Arches

Icebreaker International

Icebreaker International

An audio report for the NATOarts board of directors that seeks to promote global security and stability through the exhibition of works of conceptual art.

A projector running in a dark room
26 February 2010

Sea Oak

Emily Wardill

A film installation as both allegory and investigation of The Rockridge Institute and their research into ‘framing’ and the use of metaphor within political discourse.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
Christof Migone with a tresses, wood and stopwatch
22 February 2010

Investigation – Christof Migone

Christof Migone

Can we use sound, repetition and difference to personally and collectively engage with space, time and labour?

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
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