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Silhouette of man with wild hair
19 April 2015

Cartography of Exhaustion

Peter Pál Pelbart

If life is assaulted by power, where do we find spaces for living? A conversation with Peter Pál Pelbart.

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
A woman looks towards the camera from the a low angle, there are trees behind
19 April 2015

Standing in the Flesh

Hortense J. Spillers

In rethinking the body, the law, the state, gender, race, violence, care and empathy, how we might give humanness a different future?

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
17 April 2015

Ueinzz Context


An open conversation around the history and practices of the Ueinzz Theatre Company – a radical Brazilian schizoscenic theatre company of carers, so-called psychotic patients and philosophers.

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
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