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Image with the words: Koji Asano

Koji Asano

Koji Asano

Koji Asano is a young Japanese experimental musician and an artist who puts very few limits on the genres he works in. Subsequently he has produced, in the last few years, a slew of albums, that range in style from computer noise and meditative piano improvisation to guitar noise rock and electroacoustic work.


Despite the prolific scale of his output, his work is constantly challenging and diverse, vital and important. At Instal he’s going to play, in his own words for “40-45minutes, with one long piece by long tone changing – let’s say very meditative – with texture and layers. My performance and CD works are different but maybe I could say The Last Shade Of Evening Falls CDs sounds most similar”. To give you an idea, that CD consists of slow groaning burbling tones, higher-pitched distortion, moaning echoes and drones: it’s dark, textural work, but there is also beauty there if you’re listening hard enough.

We started documenting our events in 2003 so unfortunately there is no video or audio documentation of this performance. If you have a bootleg or any photos you’d like to share with us, we would love to see them: get in touch with us here.

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