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Artist Events

A view of Kylie Minoise's bare back with a red bandand tied around their head
16 February 2008
The Arches

Personal Space

Kylie Minoise

Thirty lucky Instal punters experience Kylie’s pre-match aggro workout one-on-one in the darkness of an Arches dressing room.

13 October 2006
The Arches

Infest – Kylie Minoise

Kylie Minoise

Power-electronic klutz behaviour indecipherable blasphemies, cuts, bruises and broken microphones by Kovorox Sound head-honcho Lea Cummings.

12 October 2005
The Universal

Stalled at Universal – Kylie Minoise

Kylie Minoise

Glasgow. Power electronic klutz behaviour by Kovorox sound head-honcho. Bruised bodies and broken microphones.

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