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I am Heather. Or rather Heather is one of my multiple characters.
I am an androgynous looking person in their mid-thirties, based in Scotland. Four years ago I badly needed cash. And so I began my career and journey as a sex-worker.
Umbrella Lane in Glasgow has been a crucial part of this journey. At first, the individuals within it who held my hand, showed me makeup tips and lent me lingerie. And later came the community of Umbrella Lane.

Sex work has been my main income since that initiation. I work mostly in hired flats in cities I belong to.

In the first years my working was a big secret that I contained and carried. Working alone because of the (shitty) legal situation, I wrote notes on every single booking and every single client. Mostly to not go mad and to have a way of grounding these strange, sordid and whacky experiences. Now I have a lot of written and illustrated material….

I am eagerly awaiting for sex worker voices to be heard.

Artist Events

A person sits on a bench in a relaxed position in a dimly lit room. They are wearing a lace bra.

Truth and Lies – An Anthology of Writing and Art by Sex Workers

Lib Lobberson Marin Scarlett Payola E ZuZu Gabrielli Chardonnay Bella Violet Quinn Rab Green Chao-Ying Betty Rao Heather Ashleigh Williams (BABEWORLD) Jet Moon Estella Clarke

The Truth and Lies book project emerges as part of a rising tide of sex worker art and organised struggle to end criminalisation and stigmatisation of sex work.