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Chardonnay is an artist and erotic dancer.
Coming from a fascination with kitsch and ultra-femme aesthetics, their work deals with loneliness and selfies, reality and imagination, dreams and rude awakenings and the joyous confusion of these.
Being a cyborg rather than a goddess, observing the observant, finding power in awkwardness, artificially tender.

Artist Events

A person sits on a bench in a relaxed position in a dimly lit room. They are wearing a lace bra.

Truth and Lies – An Anthology of Writing and Art by Sex Workers

Lib Lobberson Marin Scarlett Payola E ZuZu Gabrielli Chardonnay Bella Violet Quinn Rab Green Chao-Ying Betty Rao Heather Ashleigh Williams (BABEWORLD) Jet Moon Estella Clarke

The Truth and Lies book project emerges as part of a rising tide of sex worker art and organised struggle to end criminalisation and stigmatisation of sex work.

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