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Sachiko M & Ami Yoshida performing at INSTAL 03
23 November 2003
The Arches


Ami Yoshida Sachiko M

Sachiko M and Ami Yoshida, two of the most prominent members of the Onkyo movement, place much more emphasis on sound texture than on musical structure, distilling elements of techno, noise, and electronic music into a unique hybrid.

Hijokaidan on stage performing with intensity and strong lighting
15 October 2005
The Arches



Hijokaidan rapidly built a following due to the overwhelmingly physical intensity of their live performances, often involving destructive onstage rituals of vomit, urine, mangled guitars and ear shredding volume.

Junko singing into a microphone & Masayoshi Urabe playing a saxophone
13 May 2007
The Sage Gateshead

Junko & Masayoshi Urabe

Junko Masayoshi Urabe

Junko’s screaming vocal in a nuanced, piercing duo with Urabe’s fuming and convulsive saxophone, far removed from the codes of musical tradition.

Music Lover’s Field Companion 07
Junko singing into a microphone against a dark background
25 February 2012



Harrowing but musical confrontations with the very real, physical and aural trauma of a woman screaming.

Episode 2: A Special Form of Darkness