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A guitarist and a drummer performing on stage
13 May 2007
The Sage Gateshead


A preposterously heavy, eye of the storm musical tug of war, in which two drummers, electronics and electric guitar fall over each other in a droning crush.

Music Lover’s Field Companion 07
A woman bends over with a stick, in the background a man is hitting a gong
21 March 2009
The Arches

Ki: Mico, Tamio Shiraishi & Fritz Welch

Fritz Welch Mico Tamio Shiraishi

A trio of Tamio’s screaming and immovable slabs of sound; Mico’s dance/ performance/ piano; Fritz’s absurd, flailing percussion/ voice.

Fritz Welch and Neil Davidson playing a string quartet on drums and guitar
13 November 2010

String Quartet

Neil Davidson

Three different performances variously featuring: Fritz Welch, loud drums, guitar, local collaborators, paper, memories, Roland Barthes, string quartets

Dawn Kasper in a yellow jacket and bare legs moves equipment
25 February 2012

Become What You Are

Dawn Kasper

Slapstick comedy, monologue, and a kind of live sculpture transformed through video, props, musical instruments and make-up.

Episode 2: A Special Form of Darkness
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